It Was a Crime

It was nine. One bite you bit I didn’t fight. You come right at me Thursday night, lights were awake You did shake and make your way Call me crazy, Sweet melody, only yours I could hear Not here, not there, everywhere The voice you share, I couldn’t bear Not ashamed, I crave it On […]



What is it? What is it between you and me? One, two, three Let it be ‘one’ you say One day I say ‘a step closer’ Never once late, you replied, We can try, don’t ask why, ‘We will be fine’ You emphasized, hold me tight and fight our fright Then smiles, you never mind […]


I’m a Work in Progress

During the month of August in 2016, knowing my life as a Third-year student is about to start, I could not bear asking the seniors about their experiences in the previous year. It is widely known among university students that the third-year is the toughest. “You will be fine. You will get through the third […]