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Sitting on the porch, lodging her back to the ground Round the corner she sees no one The sun is gone, so she thought she could cry , but she decides to hold Oh, the night was cold, her shoulders folded … Continue Reading Lost

Our Song

Drowned in smoke Choked to death, hate the way That you sway and tell me we couldn’t be tamed Guess I was never wrong ‘Cause all the songs I hear and the beers we drank It never cracked our fears … Continue Reading Our Song

It Was a Crime

It was nine. One bite you bit I didn’t fight. You come right at me Thursday night, lights were awake You did shake and make your way Call me crazy, Sweet melody, only yours I could hear Not here, not … Continue Reading It Was a Crime


What is it? What is it between you and me? One, two, three Let it be ‘one’ you say One day I say ‘a step closer’ Never once late, you replied, We can try, don’t ask why, ‘We will be … Continue Reading One


It is weird to read an article about yourself. Scroll down a bit, you’ll find an article. It’s a short article I wrote for my writing class. So yes, it is one of my homework. And I just want to… keep … Continue Reading Self-Evaluation