Piling up competitions, beating down authenticity Filtering negativity, pleasing the eyes of strangers It’s the new era my friends, fame on names becomes fuels Curated bliss is the new gold medal, it’s the world’s medical to oblivion Precious face will save your soul, knowledge will break your home A trophy of greed speaks for winners, ‘just enough’ marks you a loser Bursting check’s numbers to buy peace, justice is done for green Freedom is an excuse to bully, wealthiness is a gift of killing Acceptable lives in grey, races and skin colors tell who’s sane Being the same is your survival pill, majority is our society Always there’s a storm coming, so blame it on god’s name Your pain is too mundane, carry it onto your last game It’s the new era my friends Everyday is your war.


© Jidapa Chang-in

Happy Girl

“I don’t wear foundation anymore it hides my authenticity and I’ve convinced myself bathing in luxurious lotions and supplements are so much more entertaining. My eyes are black and thinly shaped like swans’ elegant wings. The way people see it they are as little as they say I seem to have no eyes when I […]