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Category: Words

Come and Go

Every night, I walk through thousand lights and shining stars afar I can still see so please morning please don’t you ever come   Let it, be it, dark like this ‘cause it is when I’m loved   Thousand lights … Continue Reading Come and Go


Sitting on the porch, lodging her back to the ground Round the corner she sees no one The sun is gone, so she thought she could cry , but she decides to hold Oh, the night was cold, her shoulders folded … Continue Reading Lost

Our Song

Drowned in smoke Choked to death, hate the way That you sway and tell me we couldn’t be tamed Guess I was never wrong ‘Cause all the songs I hear and the beers we drank It never cracked our fears … Continue Reading Our Song

It Was a Crime

It was nine. One bite you bit I didn’t fight. You come right at me Thursday night, lights were awake You did shake and make your way Call me crazy, Sweet melody, only yours I could hear Not here, not … Continue Reading It Was a Crime