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Hy! It’s me; Chertam or Jidapa, a girl who is easily hypnotized by food, a cup of tea, coffee, and pretty much everything categorized in desserts. 


A kid of 1995. Born and raised in Thailand. Currently living in Bangkok.

Now that  you have entered here, accidentally or not, wanting you all to know that you are very welcome into my documents of what I’m in love with.

I firstly started this blog as a food blog, “Breakfast like a king.” 

This blog would never exist without this guy, the writer of this blog. He is one of the bestest professors I’ve taken the course with. He teaches and knows everything about the media. (I thought I knew the media quite well until I took two courses with him..) He assigned us to write anything we are interested in and apparently, I’m interested in FOOD.

Now, the blog, is of the things I couldn’t bear not sharing.

Smile, laugh and take life as a journey

Thank you for dropping by

Always, breakfast like a king.

Always, Jidapachu.

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