Begin Again

Amounting decades

Faces of familiarity

We’ve bled for bonding

Our commitment is fading

Ending is the beginning

of moving on.

These few simple words I’ve come up with, there were some looking-back-and-looking-ahead kinda thoughts behind. I was thinking about my graduation, my new path, my new journey I’m about to take next year. I was thinking about my friends, partners, strangers I have met and lost during my four years in university. I was thinking about how each relationship began and how I’ve (we’ve) make it come to an end. I was thinking how lucky I am to have met them all, to have bonded, and I was thinking how ready I am to move on, to stumble on something novelty, and to keep doing what I love.

(and then come along a deeper thought), I was thinking about how nice it is of the world to have created the words ‘begin’ and ‘end’ to every life. I was thinking about how simply life works; begin, end, begin, end, begin and end and begin again and again..

so then I was thinking about how my life has had so many beginnings, and realized, how rarely I’ll think about its endings. And I was realizing how life isn’t about just ‘one’. Life isn’t about one life. Life is about many; many beginnings, many endings. And through each one of it, many lives were involved with mine. Lives have make mine alive. Life can make numbers of lives alive, and unfortunately (as we all know), a life can also make many many lives dead.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t argue with the saying in how you were born as one (alone) and you’ll pass away as one (alone). It’s not I don’t believe in it but I’d rather take it as a lesson to not get too attached to anything or not to hold onto anything (too) dearly that it may hold too much of a power against you (ex. money). Because life is about being born, growing up, growing old, getting sick and die. Everything has an expiration date. So yes, I’ll say the cliche teaching words that have been spread around for generations, again and again, because it’s done me well, it is to take nothing for granted, not time, not a person, not anything that you love, and always try to have paint a positive thought on things (it’s hard but it helps much when in difficult times) And whatever happens in the next beginning or even just tomorrow, it’s best to be present with yourself and surroundings, and always knowing that by just being alive will always affects other lives around you.

Life, in its space of possibility upon its existence. Life’s plural

, and if you agree

 believe what you want

remember what you fond

do what you love

as long as it troubles no one.


© Jidapa Chang-in

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