Your Only Tonight

I’m no better
RememberI’m just another

Mention no others
Tonight, I‘ll be your only

I’ll promise no consequences
There could be no endings
You’ll always find me

But baby, you gotta know
When the lights are off
The cold night falls
Together is just temporary

We’ll promise no tomorrow

Loneliness is meant for us
Desires are dangerous
It’s what we’re down for
Getting locked up in sleep
Keeping misery company

Baby, you gotta know
Don’t let dreams deceive
When the morning slips
You gotta pick up the pieces
And get away

RememberI’m no better
I’m just a girl
Like the others in your room
You gotta see the truth
I couldn’t be your special

We’ll be set free, you’ll be all right
The sun will shine, I’ll be fine
The river will cry, time will go by
It’s what we’re down for

Desires are dangerous
So, let’s get on it
Be infatuated by nightmares
There’s nothing in the air

Taste me like I’m yours
Hold me like I’m your only
Break me like you want it

Remember —I’m no better

Only your special
for tonight, when the lights
Are off


© Jidapa Chang-in

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