You’d Still Look Away

Behind this door

Forbidden room

She’s fallen for you.


It’s been four years since you’ve met her

She’s taken you back to where you have longed for

She’s your first thought in the hottest morning

and you knew, you knew you’ll never be ready


Even if she’s a moonlight in your darkest night

Even if she’s a bravest strike to your shyness

Even if you feel right


It’s not right. You won’t fight

You can’t fight

You’d still let go


Cause you knew, you knew

It’s forbidden. Can’t be mended

She’s just another girl

Standing in the same room

Choosing to look at you


You’d still look away

Cause it’s forbidden

Can’t be mended


Even if there’s a chance

that you could be

back to where you’ve longed for

back to your favorite smile

back to your favorite pair of eyes


Four years you’ve tried to look away

You’re always taken back

back to where you felt right

back to where she’s fallen for you


behind this door

forbidden room


© Jidapa Chang-in

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