Wrinkled sheet

Sleepless night

Fires lit


She girts her teeth

Feels his breath on her breast

faces her palms on his hip


She softly whispers

The closer they got

The more she wants it

Out of him


He pulls her in

Rests his lips on her chin

Messes around her dress


He softly whispers

It’s better that they drift apart

Afar, they’d better be


She kisses his ears

Tears away his shirt

And bursts in fears


He softly whispers

as much as the warmth

surrounds, and pounds their lust


He starts to wonder who they are


Hushes collide

He decides, he’d rather


than flee from reality


The closer they got

The more he could

Burst in distress


Ripping sheet

Vanishing the night

Frozen fire


He’d rather die

than meet in dreams

, and flee from reality


He softly whispers,

Let’s not meet,

and leave our dream.


© Jidapa Chang-in


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