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Breakfast in a Hurry

A few days ago, I went through all the photos of my family vacation in Japan. The trip was in 2015, two years ago. I can barely recall all the little details during the trip, but I can still remember it very well of my feelings in each day. I’m certain we enjoyed every minute of it.

Our trip was packed with a definite ‘goal’ of visiting every possible tourist attractions we could. It wasn’t always ‘quick quick quick’ throughout the vacation. We just had to wake up early to hit the place right on scheduled time, in order to accomplish all the plans we laid. We had to complete our own personal morning tasks, as fast as possible.


This means we had to have a quick breakfast everyday. 7-Eleven was our best friend. It wasn’t our only choice, but it was the best choice for us. To some people, especially those of you who live in America, you may have better alternatives for a quick breakfast. When I was in the U.S., 7-Eleven was not the best choice for a quick breakfast. To be honest, it seems they don’t have many interesting food to offer.  If you have been to Thailand or Japan (as a foreigner), 7-Eleven is nothing different from a smaller size of a supermarket. They have so many interesting, yummy, local food choices for you.

Here, I would like to introduce you to all my breakfast-in-a-hurry while I was in Japan two years ago. They weren’t all marvellously tasty, but they were quite…challenging. I was very much excited to try something new each morning.

Disclaimer: I will score the deliciousness of each one out of ten. The score is all up to my personal preference.

  • “Natto Sushi Roll” or “Fermented Soybeans Roll” (4/10)

WARNING. If you have never had Natto before, you might want to buy something else that you are more familiar with, just in case you can’t take it after the first bite. Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var (A positive kind of bacteria). Your stomach might get mad if you never had it before. For me, it wasn’t WOW, though it was my second time. It was ok. My first time I had it with a raw egg, it was fine but I just wanted to know the difference to have it without the raw egg. It tasted sour and salty just the same one I had back in Thailand.

  • “Umeboshi Onigiri” or “Rice ball with Japanese salt plum” (7/10)

WARNING: Umebushi is simply a pickled plum or a salted plum. It could be very salty to those of you that never had it before. (I eat too much of salty food) Umebushi is usually extremely salty and sour. Some kind is very sweet. Japanese people usually have them as a side dish or with a rice ball. The one I had is with a rice ball. As I already am a  big fan of Umebushi, this was yummy. I just wish that there were more shreded Umebushi mixed with the rice.

  • “Lime Onigiri” (8.5/10)

To be honest, I had no idea what kind of onigiri this one was. I had no idea what was inside when I bought it. I saw it had a picture of lime (or lemon) on its packaging. It seemed interesting to me. And it was so good. I loved it. It was rice mixed with shredded fish with a hint of lime juice. I wish I knew what kind of fish was it. If I could speak Japanese, I would find out.

  • “Wakame Onigiri” (9/10)

Wakame is a type of seaweed that I fond of very much. It is often eaten with soup or salad. However, my most favorite is with rice. Wakame onigiri is my favorite choice.

  • “Tonkotsu Ramen Gohan to Nitamago Omusubi” or “Pork Bone Ramen Soup Flavored Rice with Hard Boiled Egg Rice Ball” (9/10)

Disclaimer: I did not eat this one myself, but my sister did. And she loved it. It’s a soft, sweet and salty, creamy yolk on the egg with rice that was cooked with the pork bone soup. My sister was in love with it. So, if you are an egg-for-breakfast person, put this on your list when you are in Japan?

  • “Meiji Peach Yogurt” (4.5/10)

Although I am a huge fan of peaches, but this was not really my favorite. It was too sweet, but the SMELL of it was amazing. It was sweet, flowery smell kind of peach.

  • “Simple Greek Yogurt” (8/10)

Good score for a simply yogurt. Because it is ‘Simple’ and it tastes just like any other brands of Greek yogurt I have had before. Sometimes simplest things are the best.

  • “Jelly Coffee” (7.5/10)

I would do anything to have coffee in the morning. This jelly coffee was deemed very fascinating to me. It was more like a dessert than a breakfast. SWEET TREAT! It was yummy, but I am not a big fan of sweet coffee. I totally understand it was a dessert. That’s why I scored this one at 7.5.

The blue thing next to the cup is string cheese… It’s nothing special. I would score it ten out of ten. It’s a simple string cheese. Thank goodness that it wasn’t a weird kind of string cheese.

  • “Jelly Coffee” (8.5/10)

Another jelly coffee. I prefer this one over the other. The milk portion from this brand is very creamy and not too sweet. The jelly was not too soft. It was a bit hard and sticky just the way I like my jelly. I enjoyed it.

Last, not breakfast, something I have always wanted to try in Japan.

  • “Red bean Ice Cream” (6/10)

I didn’t like it that much. I am a big fan of red bean ice cream, but this one was not creamy enough and there weren’t enough red beans. Nonetheless, it was good, considering it is 7-Eleven brand.

I love Japanese 7-Eleven. There are abundant food choices in Japan. If we didn’t have to hurry, we would definitely find something fresh for our breakfast. However, 7-Eleven in Japan wasn’t a bad choice at all. I love trying new different things. For me, Japan would always be the place I enjoy exploring.



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