“Hey, you”

“Hey, you”

“Dinner with me?”


You always let me pick a place for us to eat.

I told you I wanted to eat the same dish I just had yesterday.

The difference it’ll make to my dish

is having you enjoy watching me eat.

I miss that ‘difference’.


“I can’t believe you will actually have exactly the same thing you had yesterday”


You laughed at how much I like having the same thing over and over again.

You reminded me how much I love looking into your eyes when you laugh

It’s been too long since the last time I heard you

your voice

your giggles

your complains


“I’m finally able to catch you. Busy woman”


I ditched our dinner dates many times.

I never meant to take our meals together for granted.

But I know you would always come

and I’m glad you never know

that I’m busy for a reason

One that involves you


“Now, update me about your life”


We barely message each other

I try not to reply you

Probably is why you wanted to know how I have been doing

We had so many questions for each other

You reminded me how much you like hearing about my day

and telling me yours


“You can eat mine. You know that, right?”


The dish you ordered arrived

You won’t start eating because mine wasn’t there yet

You reminded me how much you care about me

by not having to tell me that you do

You always show it bluntly


“You can never be with anyone for longer than a year”


You started asking about my past relationships

‘Who I have been with’

It’s the topic we always share

I told you none of them felt right to me yet

Then you smiled… playfully,


“They don’t know you like I do.”


You reminded me how well you know me

And how much I know you

I know you more than she does

But it probably doesn’t matter


“We had a great trip. Can’t believe it’s been

what?…two years since I met her.”


You started telling me about your life with her

because I asked you to

I wanted you to remind me

that I will never be able to

take her place


“You still live there?”


I told you I never moved.

I paused and thought about the times

You liked stopping by my place

played your guitar and sang your stupid songs

held my hand and dropped yourself on my bed

messed up my hair and let me know

that you never wanted to leave my place


“Why don’t I ever run into you?”


Because you have somewhere else

Somewhere else you have to be

Somewhere else you’d better be

Somewhere else I don’t belong


“Really have to go now?”


I told you how much work I’ve got to do

You nodded and smiled

I messed up your hair

You didn’t try to stop me like you used to

I laughed and let you know

I’m happy to see you


I’ll always be here

Not moving

Not going anywhere

Still here, in the same place

that used to be ours


“I’ll see you again, right?”

“Dinner with me?”


© Jidapa Chang-in


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