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Remembering moments #2016

2016 was a tough year.

A lot of things had happened and it had changed me to a completely different person. Comparing everything about me in 2016 and me now in 2017. It has been vastly shifted. There were many great things happening during the year of course, I have succeeded and achieved loads of goals I have planned in the beginning of 2016 but in the same time, I have fucked up, yea I screwed my own life up. In a way that I could do absolutely nothing to control it except accepting it. Nonetheless, I feel good it happened because now I know how to bear with shitty things on my own and yea! also know who are and who aren’t going to be there for me when I horribly need someone to at least ridiculously stand beside me and pat on my shoulder. 2016 has made me look at things in a wholly different perspective. Love, family, friends, strangers, myself, everything has been painted with more colors. The shades have become both darker and lighter. And certainly it has gotten uglier. Yet, I find a way to seek the beauty in it. Guess that’s one invaluable skill I have received from screwing things up in 2016. You know, there is always a beauty in a poop. Poop makes a good soil. Good soil makes a flower strong and beautiful.

 2016 was shitty and I ate a lot of shit. But I’m now a lot stronger and I’m quite sure I’m becoming more and more beautiful. Yea, I’m blooming. So shitty soil wasn’t that bad.

Now, I’m ready for some water. #2017 Rain would be great. I wanna see some rainbows.

Down here are moments of my 2016 I would like to remember.


  • Learning to use DSLR cam with dad by taking New Year family photos at the historical park.
  • Having friends from the university came over at my home in Kamphaengphet for the first time.
  • Had an Isaan trip with the family for the first time and also was still a vegetarian.


  • Turned 21. Got a birthday surprise with a red velvet cake from friends.
  • Celebrated my belated birthday with dad and sisters.
  • Spent Valentine’s day alone by did some shopping.
  • Ended a 7-month-long-distance-relationship with the cutest kindest guy in my life (Happy ending nontheless. It was a few days after Valentine’s. Geat timing)
  • Broke my wall of never-go-anywhere-near-the-exam-period by taking a trip to Myanmar with mom and sisters.
feb feb2


  • Had a fight with one of my best friends. Good that we had the fight. We now know each other even more. Although, everything between us is never going to be the same.


  • Went for a marathon (TU walk and run) for the first time.


  • Struggled with a fight I had with my best friend. Tried to get her back in my life. Ended the month of May with accepting the ugly truth. Learned how to let go and that we can never ever changed anyone’s mind but we can always change and better ourselves.
  • Met a guy online for the first time. He freaked and creeped me out.
  • Went bowling for the first time.


  • Had a family trip to Japan for the first time. Fell in love with everything about Japan. Acted like a 7-year-old enjoying the Universal Studios.
  • Ended a 10-month of being both a vegan and a vegetarian.
  • Somehow, my high school crush texted me for no reasons. Shockingly, we keep talking until now 2017 and still for no reasons.
june1 june2 june


  • Went to Shanghai to learn Chinese for the first time. Made lots of friends from various countries. Never thought I would have such good friends from Japan, Korea and Netherlands in my life before.
  • Learned a valuable lesson there (other than learning the language) read about it here
  • For the first time, my grades are almost all As. I got one B+ but well, it had my dad smiling anyway.
july july1 july2


  • Was extremely excited to go to class both as a Third-year student and to meet friends.
  • Suffered my first few weeks with class assignments, barely had free time for myself, spent most of my time doing homework and school projects.
  • I realized I don’t like myself with long hair. So yes, had a haircut.
  • Taking a role as a leader in group projects has made me become millions times more patient.


  • Big sister’s birthday
  • Wrote an article about using cellphones while driving. The professor loved it.
  • Realizing and become more assured of myself that I like everything about marketing and advertising.
  • Attended and helped setting up the camp for the freshmen.


  • My oldest American brother’s birthday. Sent him a box of snacks and also painted him a picture.
  • Made my self-portrait for the art class within one night.
  • Made YouTube videos for the first time. (Marketing class assignment) watch it here (in Thai though..)
  • Worked as a film director, storyboard writer, and a cameraman for the first time.


  • Was a month of finishing up all the school projects.
  • Wrote a long article about foreign workers in Thailand. Did a lot of interviews with the government officials.
  • Went to the graduation of the seniors that I know.
  • Encouraged my friend to attend her first love’s graduation.
  • Had a video chat with my American family on the Thanksgiving Day.
  • Made a mock-up radio audio clip for the first time.
  • Met a guy online again for the second time. He was decent, works hard, seems mature, had a sense of humour, and he was also an always-tired guy. He thinks and always says I’m dumb which I don’t know why I don’t mind. Well, no one is smart and no one will ever be. Anyhow, it was a good meet but nope, no sparks.
nov2 nov


  • A month of final exams and presenting all the school projects to the professors.
  • Had a photo shoots on the topic comparing love to the fire. The collection is named “Fire”
  • Went to a club in town with girlfriends. Danced for four hours straight.
  • For the first time, feeling nothing excited for Christmas. Stayed home in Bangkok, alone, and did nothing but eating and watching movies on the Christmas.
  • Went to Srinakharinwirot University for the first time to watch a play which one of my friends is playing as a lead actress.
  • Went back home in Kamphaengphet. Hung out with my high school friends two days straight right after I’ve arrived home.
  • Spent the New Year Eve with the family. Had lots of drinks. Played cards with the family and lost a lot of money to them.



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