Our Song

Drowned in smoke

Choked to death, hate the way

That you sway

and tell me we couldn’t be tamed

Guess I was never wrong

‘Cause all the songs I hear

and the beers we drank

It never cracked our fears

Oh dear,

It sheds our tears

Here in bed, no more tastes

Of you, of me

Baby we’ve never been broken,

Between us it is

That has been torn

Oh baby,

We did give it up

No more touch, lusts were crushed

Tough kisses turned to bits

Hate it when I hear you sob

Hopped in bed, shredded rose

Drowned in smoke, choked to death

Hate the way they want us strong

I was never wrong

‘Cause it’s gone, all the songs

that you sing,

I wish I could ask

If this is the last

But I won’t

‘Cause you never wanted me to

So we blew it

And now it’s gone

All the songs you sing

It’s ok

I’m ok, you’re ok

The way you sway,

“I’ll always remember”


© Jidapa Chang-in

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