It Was a Crime

It was nine. One bite you bit

I didn’t fight. You come right at me

Thursday night, lights were awake

You did shake and make your way

Call me crazy,

Sweet melody, only yours I could hear

Not here, not there, everywhere

The voice you share, I couldn’t bear

Not ashamed, I crave it

On stage, shining you were

Not mine, not theirs

Thunder, Stars burst, for the first time

It was a crime,

Your eyes meet mine

All away, baby, you took my mind

I thought I was high,

I thought I was shy,

I thought I could hide,

It was nine, Thursday night, bright sky

Sweet wine, steal my mind,

No hi, no goodbye,

I could fight but I let you bite,

Your eyes meet mine,

I lost my mind, you took mine

It was a crime


© Jidapa Chang-in



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