What is it?

What is it between you and me?

One, two, three

Let it be ‘one’ you say

One day I say ‘a step closer’

Never once late, you replied,

We can try, don’t ask why,

‘We will be fine’

You emphasized, hold me tight and fight our fright

Then smiles, you never mind piling it on me

Oh be it, with your smile, I don’t ever hide

I shine my trusts

Hush collides

We find the unknown,

all alone is how we have lived

We tripped, never slipped

One day, no one say,

trusts were crushed to dusts

You never did

I did

‘One step closer’

You turn to me and see,

My eyes still shine and cry for you

I turn to you and see,

Your eyes shine

and cried “I’ll always be your one”

One step closer

Believers we were, eyes blurred

Yearning for one,

for us,

we still are


© Jidapa Chang-in



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