It is weird to read an article about yourself. Scroll down a bit, you’ll find an article. It’s a short article I wrote for my writing class. So yes, it is one of my homework.

And I just want to… keep it here.

I have written so many about myself. Why this article?

Well, I don’t know. It’s just… it’s me. I don’t know if it still is me in this short article but as I read to the end, for the least, I found a piece of me.

But first, this is what my professor wanted me to answer.

Self-Evaluation Questions

  • Are you a global citizen?
  • Do you understand the world?
  • Are you one step ahead, or always following others?
  • How do you differentiate yourself and make yourself stand out in a crowd?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

The world is rapidly shrinking and the places around the world is coming closer and closer, and putting one place in an unwanted position, that is where one is leaning on another. It is undeniable. When one is feeling so fine, another is bruising.

When one falls, another gets hurt.

Sad but true. It is due to all the innovative tools made by the hands of humans, technology. This highly developed and advanced tool is doing quite a job at spinning and pushing the world forward and it is utterly fast that no one could ever possibly predict what it would be like in the next few decades.

Even in the present, no one would know exactly of all the things going on in this mystical world, but everyone receives an opportunity to become well-rounded person and to become a global citizen.

“No one is born a global citizen,” said a 21-year-old journalism student from Thammasat University, Jidapa Chang-in.

Jidapa believes that everyone is a citizen of the world and receives a chance to become a global citizen. She said not everyone is a global citizen if the definition of it goes by having to take an action on the world’s issues and help making them come to an end. She has been standing by this meaning at her very first year in the university.

For her, living in the world as a journalism student, it is crucial to be up to what is going on in the world as it is what all the future journalists would do; reporting and telling the people what is happening. However, she has always claimed that she does not always know of all the things going on. She is neither one step ahead nor one step behind anyone and she does not dare to call herself a future journalist as she is now currently still figuring out what exactly would she do best at.

“The world never stopped changing. So am I,” she said with a humble smile.

The world as Jidapa sees is always changing and is a one complicated place. She thinks that no one could never truly understand the world as no one could never fully understand everything about one person, but everyone including her is able and allow to comprehend, learn, and know of the ongoing situations and issues in the world because it is what she always believes all human beings can do; strives to learn, be open, and never be afraid to step out of the comfort zone.

Watercolor is what she compares herself to. A subtle yet bright color that could both comfort and lighten up anyone’s mood by just being there in the eyes of that person. However, an undeniable nature of watercolor, easily swept away. Only a drop of water, the color would be easily flown to another place. Jidapa considered herself as someone who is always open up to new things, new people, and new ideas. She is ready to jump into new places. Nevertheless, she said she could never be identified with any specific colors because she could be any color people wanted her to be. She can do anything. Even when she physically can’t, she will try until she can.

Which leads to one thing she recently discovered about herself. She is also easily persuaded just like how the watercolor is easily washed to a different spot of the paper.

“I trust people way too fast,” she chuckled and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“I don’t think it’s good but I don’t see it as a too-bad thing. It allows me to learn more about others and also myself.”  


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