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Cheesy Banana Sandwich Collection: I Get Obsessed too Easily

I get obsessed and attached to things too easily. Especially to food. (Do I even need to explain that? Lol)

As much as I can remember, I never really get attached to people, to anyone. If you have been following my posts, I’m so obsessed with myself. No, with ‘moments with myself’ hahah.  Of course, I also love spending time with friends. Never once feeling attached to them though.

Not even to any of my ex.

Oh wait, I’m not here to talk about my relationships. Haha.

I’m here about food!

I guess it’s all because food can’t talk and won’t make me cry.

I’m into you, FOOD. Lol.

Whole wheat toast with soy yogurt topped with banana coins, granola, chia seed, and drizzled with heaps of dark chocolate
What I’m trying to say is I don’t like being, staying, living with the same thing for a long period of time. I’m obsessed with the feeling of getting my hands and mind on NEW things. New people.

But that does not mean I would chase away the people who have entered into my life and I found boring to be with. Hahah.

Whatsoever, I can watch my favorite films again and again for thousands of times if I feel like it. Lol. Here, the list of films I can repeatedly watch every week. (NOT every day. That… I would die thinking about the film the whole day)

List: Before sunrise, Notting hill, Amelie, and How to lose a guy in 10 days. (There are more but these are what come on top of my head as I’m writing…)


I never get bored with the same kind of food.

And here are the (sorta-same) food I have been obsessed with for the past two months. I hope these could be great ideas for your breakfast or even for your snack time 😉

  • Simply just a combo of melted cheese and strawberry jam


  • Banana coins, cheddar  cheese and strawberry jam


  • Banana and Melted Cheddar cheese



  • Dark chocolate, peanut butter and banana coins



  • The basic; pb and jelly with banana coins



Hope you try and enjoy! 😉



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