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AVO-ADDICT: Avocado Collection

Honestly, I’ve never known I have been so addicted to avocado. I didn’t realize that until I have a look through my food photos collections and found an absurd numbers of folders named ‘avo’

I’m a real AVO ADDICT!


But, man, I was also very much into updating food photos on my Instagram and avocado was a thing back then. Now still is (assuming). Only that lately I have been a little busy with my university thing and my life is a little messy right now. ‘Messy’ in my definition is I haven’t been giving myself enough time. I can never be pleased with the amount of alone-time. I’m such a being-with-myself freak. Haha. Anyway, I’m still updating photos on Instagram and indeed I still am into it. I could never get bored looking through photos on there, even though it’s such a time-consuming application.

All right, I have a little avo-story of my life to tell. My very first bite of an avocado was when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My parents took me to a very well-known bird park in Chainat province. I couldn’t really remember what the park was like except there were these hideous giant bird’s statues staring at me everywhere and an avocado I picked up from a garden in the park.

Hm.. more like I stole it from the park. There was a lovely garden for people to have a family picnic and it was surrounding with avocado trees. I remember this very well. I saw this huge beautiful dark green fruit lying on the grass next to me. Believe me I was a curious child and wanted to own pretty much everything strange and new (and free). So I picked it up from the ground, gave it to my mom and then we took it back home. Lol. I couldn’t remember exactly what she said to me. All I remember was she told me it was an avocado and she made a ‘shhhhh’ sound to me while she put it in our picnic basket. (She is a supermom) Right when we got home she let me eat it. And it was just disgusting and I hated it. It was oily and bland.

And I never ever touched it again.

Until I started to be more conscious with what I put into my body. I have read hundreds and hundreds of food articles and almost every articles I encountered, they talk about how avocado is such an invaluable component of healthy dishes.

So yea, I gave it a try.  And I like it. Very much. And I couldn’t live without it. And yes it was that easy.

Crazy how 10 years can change the feeling I have for avo. Lol.

Let’s start the collection! The first one goes to avo salad!


With chopped baby potatoes are just awesome! and drizzles and drizzles of Sriracha sauce …because why not?


This one I had with Japanese sesame dressing. They were supposed to be sushi stuffing but I was out of nori sheets… and that’s how I ended up eating. haha.


Avo sushis are the best especially with riceberry.



Avo vegemite on toasts. Vegemite and avocado surprising go together quite well.


Simply with salt and pepper topped with gooseberries.



Trust me, salsa will never ever break your heart.



The basics. Tomatoes 🙂




The best simple way of avo toasts. Sriracha sauce 😛


With sourdough bread. Hmmm yum.


When I couldn’t decide whether I should have savory or sweets for breakfast..


Fuji apples and avo sandwich. Easy and yummy!


Those are all so far! Hope you enjoyed and got some ideas for your avo breakfassst 😉

or for every dang meals! lol


8 thoughts on “AVO-ADDICT: Avocado Collection Leave a comment

  1. I think it’s kinda ‘absurd’ to actually have a pic folders (plural!) named ‘avo’ but they do like nice and I was ready to say something positive until I saw the Vegemite part. 😉 ARE YOU CRAZY? 😀 (sorry!). Vegemite? Ve-ge-mite? Probably the single most disgustingly disappointing culinary experience I ever had (was so looking forward to eating since I’ve always been a big Aussie fan and then, when I actually ate it, I thought I’ll die of sickness). The avocados look nice though! 😉

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      • There are two tips (‘two’ is all I find the best ways to eat it). First is to eat it with Margarine. Make sure you have your bread well toasted and crisp. The second tip is of course, to eat it with avocado. Avocado settle down the saltiness of vegemite quite well. Most importantly, DO NOT spread the vegemite too much. Just a hint on your bread. Hope you changed your mind when you try the vegemite again with my tips. ;P

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