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It Was Beautiful And It Will Always be

I wish I could turn back time and enjoy these beautiful moments again and again.

In a way, if it somehow is possible, I wouldn’t do it.

Things could turn out differently.

And, so, I’d rather have it the way it is now and reminisce on it every year when this day come around, again and again.

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I was inexplicably and unapologetically happy. I’d say I still am, now, and every each time I think upon these beautiful memories.

Time pass, people change, me at this moment, at this time writing this post, sure is a different person from last year. A braver 21-year-old young lady (My American dad and mom like to call me this, ‘Young lady!’) with a mind full of positivity and gratitude.

I have been through so much in 2015-2016. I have learned so many things from all kinds of people. I have learned to accept my own flaws and others’. I have learned that everyone is different. I have learned to actually understand others and not just saying, “Oh, I know how you feel. I understand” to end the conversation. I have learned to become a good listener. I have learned to be strong when things get in an unexpected way. I have learned and always remember to look on the bright side when things or people trying to eat me up. I have learned and finally found what truly makes me happy. I have learned to think upon my words before letting it out loud. I have learned that people will forgive you but they will never forget what you did. I have learned to love myself and others. I might not have become yet a perfectly ‘good’ person, let say, in some people’s view. But, I believe my families and friends, they know I’m learning, I’m growing, and I’m not giving up.


One of my best friend, rare gem, once told me, “Take a higher road.”

Bing! *lightbulb* what’s the point of being on the ground, down below if you got a chance to be in the air, be higher, and breathe in the fresh air?


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