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Lovely Rainy Day(2) at Himeji Castle

Woke up at 8 a.m. The plan is to leave the house at 8.45… yes, guys, this is when I say “shit is real” Everything was in a hurry. I did everything as fast as a lightning as possible. Usually it takes me an hour to shower, get dressed and do make up. But, at this moment, 45 minutes will just do.


When my sisters and I are all ready, my mom wasn’t yet. She was still having her breakfast. NO SHOWER YET. So, my sisters and I all (Look at each other’s face moment) slow things down and decided to leave the house at 9.15. The reason that we wanted to leave at 8.45 is because the first train to Himeji castle was at 9.15 or something around that (I couldn’t remember the exact time)

Aha, yes we are going to the famous Himeji castle today!

We ended up leaving the house at 9.30 and it was lightly raining. We arrived at the train station at 10.10 and the nearest train leaving to Himeji castle is at 10.15. Indeed, we all simply run our asses off to the station! Oh man was it hectic!

1 2 3 5 7 8 6

It was eight stations from Osaka to Himeji. When we got to the Himeji station. It was raining. Quite hard. I wish I have worn sneakers… When we checked the weather in the morning, they said it is 30 percent of how hard the rain would be. I believed so because when we left the house it was lightly raining. Anyway, we have to get on the bus to get to the castle and on the way from the train station to the bus stop, we will definitely get wet without an umbrella. So, my sisters both went looking for the umbrellas while my mom was already pulled away by the Japanese desserts shop. So I was with mom. And, we bought some to try out. They were fresh mochi or Japanese rice cake with kinako or roasted soy bean flour. I wanted to try them out right away but it would be messy to eat so we ended up just trying the mochi in sweet matcha sauce and save the fresh mochi with kinako for later.


Then we were off to get on the bus and headed to the Himeji castle!

4 10 11 12

The rain soften down a bit as we arrived. It was lightly raining. We all had the same thought at the moment. We were all like, “It’s actually great that it rains, not so many people coming.”

14 13 15 16 17 18

Himeji castle is the largest and most visited castle in Japan. Himeji castle is considered to be one of the three principle castles of Japan. (The other two are Matsumoto castle and Kumamoto castle). In Japan, Himeji castle is also well known as White Heron castle or White Egret castle because of the color of the outside, all the walls are all in white. Himeji castle was firstly built in 1333. It was firstly started as a fort on top of Himeyama hill, then from that year on, it was rebuilt into the castle and many buildings were added to the castle until 1618. From that year on, for more than 400 years, the castle has always remained the same and intact even if it has gone through the bombing of Himeji in World War II and natural disaster, the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake.

In 1933, the castle was also registered as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan.

21 20 22 19 23 24 27 25 26 28 29 37 35 32

The castle was beautiful. The castle was even more gorgeous together with the falling of tiny-sized rain drops, light grey, blue-ish sky and various colors of umbrellas all around.

30 36 33 31

After touring around the Himeji, we stopped for lunch at the restaurant right in front of the entrance of Himeji castle.

1 2 3

This is what I had, cold ramen.


This picture below isn’t what I had. It’s my mom’s. It’s just me taking pictures of everyone’s meal ;P bahahaha


Because it’s a rainy day, we planned to take things easy in the afternoon so we were then off to do some shopping in Kobe city at the Umie.

Note: two pictures below aren’t Umie. They are places we walked pass during the way from Himeji castle to the train station.

7 6

I got a pair of shoes (black high heels) and a bag full makeup…


Then we walked from the Umie to the Mosaic at the Kobe Harbor Land which is a perfect spot to view the famous Kobe port tower. It was stunning. However, personally, I wasn’t that excited nor keen to see it but it is a must-see spot in Kobe. In other words, if you happened to be in Kobe like us, this Kobe port tower then is a must-visit. Once in a life-time.

10 11 12 13 9 14 15 17

On the way back to Osaka, when walking in Kobe train station, we found this famous cheesecake (Very famous and quite expensive in Thailand). We were utterly excited! (We were also deadly starving at the moment) there are more other different kind of desserts from this shop which surprises me very much because in Thailand, there’s only cheesecake.

However, we bought home one gigantic box of cheesecake…huhuhu

18 1921 22

On the way home, we stopped at the ramen restaurant for dinner which is about five minutes walk from umeda station or about 10 minutes from home. I like the place. It was not expensive, it’s a small-typical-sized place, not luxurious, moderate amount of menus, and you can look at (smell the sweat) the cook while you are eating/waiting. I wish I had written down the name of the place..gosh! my bad guys…


I had a bowl of rice with spicy Kimchi chicken. Japan trip was also during the time when I was just broken down and crashed myself as being a vegetarian. (Read my post how I broke down here) I wasn’t sad nor mad at myself though. It was a family trip which we were on a limited budget and I didn’t want to bother my sisters (who planed the trip) finding the restaurant with vegetarian choices for me.


Stay tune for Day 3 😉









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