We Are All Lucky in Some Way

A few days ago, I had a call from one of my bestest friends. One of the high school friends who I’ve kept nearer to my heart than anyone else. Honestly, it seems like we all have been keeping in touch without realizing it. Since we all each have Facebook, Instagram and more of other great social network platforms, we all share things and thoughts (which, of course, are usually meant to be shown to all of your friends). And that, to me it is keeping in touch (unless you never checked on your Facebook nor update anything…)

Personally, there’s really no need to share specific, special moments with everyone. Only bestest friends that I want them to hear my personal and other specific great things that happen in my life. I couldn’t stand sharing personal happiness and agony moments to someone. And usually all the great listeners that I considered as such fall into bestest friend category.

However, this is not the point of why I’m writing this post.

It is one sentence from her that got me here. I remember we were sharing things about both of our lives in the university. We both kind of have the same issue in our minds that we also BOTH have been thinking about since we enter the university. And every time we have a talk or meet in person, this topic is always up to discuss. It’s about the life after the university.

We both know what we want to do, which direction we are heading, and what we are trying to grab and possess in the future after the university’s life.

“You have your goal! What else do you have left to worry about?”

People always say that to us. Yes, we have goals. We know which direction we are heading. We know what job we want. What we both are worried about is we are afraid that “the job” that we want won’t be able to earn money as much as how our parents could afford us. Oh dear, I never fond of thinking about this but I couldn’t let go. Yes, I put so much efforts into my study and possibly everything else my parents are expecting out of me. Mainly is to do great in what I must do. Can be said that I do and will do every possible way to let them know that their money didn’t and never go any waste on me.

Some (A lot of) people say, “If you are so afraid that your job won’t be able to afford as much as your parents’, then why don’t you work with your parents’ company instead…”

No, I don’t want to do the job that I could earn that easily. Main reason is I don’t see myself doing the job my parents do. My dad is a CPA (certifies public accountant) and my mom is a designer (and also a mom, an accountant, a housewife, a teacher…etc.) We have our own accounting company. And my older sister major in accounting so I have no worries of who will take after our parents’ company.

And I major in Journalism and mass media studies at Thammasat University. (They say it’s the best journalism school in Thailand) Also, not everyone who goes to journalism school will become a journalist. We also study films, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, and many others related fields. I’m sorry guys. I don’t want to say the job I want “out loud” but it’s in and around these areas definitely.

So, yes, I have my goal set. It is to be able to afford my parents as much as they could for me.

However, I’m still hesitating on what I want to do the most. There are so many in my mind. I want to do them all at once. If I do this one, I won’t be able to do the other. But I will have to get it. And I will. (I have an utterly high hope about this)­

Alright, so those are mainly what I always talk about to my best friend. We always discuss about it. No matter what the actual topic is on the call we each made, this topic is always up. Life, job, and future.



Here, the sentence that got me here coming up with this post,

“You are very lucky Tam. You don’t know how many of our high school friends are jealous of your life.”

I know I am. And I have always known that I am. I have always realized how much lucky I am to, firstly, born into such a beautiful family with great parents and siblings. I have grown up learning many great lessons, lived and surrounded with many wonderful, incredible, amazing and kind people. Secondly, I am lucky I have a body, a strong and healthy body that helps me get to anywhere my heart wants. Thirdly, I am lucky I have a positive mind (Thanks to my mom and a lot of people (All good and bad friends) who have taught me and pushed me to look at things positively) Fourthly, I am lucky I know how much money can do. Personally, I don’t believe in the saying “Money cannot buy happiness”. It’s the “relationship between you and the people you love” that can’t be bought. That is what I truly believe in. My parents work so hard to be able to pay for me and my siblings, to travel, to study in great schools, to eat good food…etc. Money helped me when I got my arm broken. Money extends time for my parents to spend with me and my siblings during the holidays. Money allows us to see other beautiful places in the world. Money allows me to meet my American family in the U.S. Money allows me to meet new friends in the university. Money allows me to have enough food for each meal. Money offers me an education. Money can do a lot of things. The thing is, people often look over the value of it.

But of course,

Money couldn’t do all of those things alone. Money might be able to give me a great education in a famous school but it would never have happened if I didn’t study for it. I wouldn’t be able to get in the faculty I want if I didn’t have enough passion. I wouldn’t be able to go to the U.S. and met an amazing family there if I didn’t learn how to speak English. Money might be able to do a lot but not itself “alone” And money wouldn’t exist in your bank account if you won’t work for it enough. And yes, I am lucky I have a family who always pushes me towards what I want on my own, tells me money isn’t everything, teaches me money isn’t easy to get, without them, I could have turned out to be a kid who doesn’t know the value of money and other things that come with it. Money can give what you want but also what you don’t and are expecting to happen.

Don’t let the money change you and the relationship between you and your love ones. Money can’t buy that. But, you can make that.

I actually am happy to hear that sentence from my bestest friend. I am because I think they are envy of me because of how much efforts I have put into the work to get me to where I am now not just of the money my parents could afford me.

I think I would rather think of it that way. To think that they also know money couldn’t do all of everything on its own.

Last but not least, everyone is lucky in some way. At least, we are all  lucky to be able to taste the flavors of life, to live, to learn and to seek the meaning of life. At least we are here, in this most mystical, magical, scary, beautiful world.


  • This oreo-banana oatmeal is indeed very easy and delicious. I cooked my oats with smashed banana and plant-based milk (Soy milk or Almond milk is good). I don’t usually add sugar or syrup when I cook my oats. I’d rather add maple syrup when I eat. Also, I like my oats really thick. This is all up to how you like your oatmeal but this is just some great yummy idea from me. Oreo, bananas and granola are so amazing together ;P Enjoy!


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  1. DeeAnn

    Loved your thoughts and I will try ur breakfast soon. Sorry I do not post much stuff but know you are always in my heart and I think of you often. Love DeeAnn


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