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Sweetest Dream Come True: Breathing in Japan

It all started with…”me”. Yes, me. I have had so many family trips throughout my life. We have been to Myanmar, Laos, Bali, India, China, but never once to Japan, which is one of the must-visit countries in Asia! (Don’t get me wrong just yet, I truthfully think every country is a must-visit but Japan is considered to be highly famous among Thai people since it has so much influence on us in terms of culture, fashion, food, etc.)

This trip was mentioned and asked by me and my older sister for years since… we were once left alone by our parents and younger sister. Aha! you read it correctly. When we were in the U.S. five years ago as an exchange student, our parents and baby sister flew to Japan and had the best of their time chilling in the hot spring and admiring the gorgeous Fuji Mountain! Though, we weren’t fully mad because we were also having the most of our time in the U.S.

After we came back, Japan was always on our mind. My sister and I both talked and asked our parents about going to Japan literally every ‘single’ time we went on an abroad-vacation.

However! It finally happened! Japan trip is eventually become real! As a person growing up reading Japanese comics, watching Japanese TV shows and cartoons, eating every possible types of Japanese foods, going to Japan is truly a dream come true for me (And my sisters). It was one of the sweetest dreams that turns into reality 🙂

Alright! Here goes a glimpse of our first day in Japan! (The trip is eight days in total)


First of all, when travelling to Japan ‘inexpensively’ while also gaining the most out of one week, it’s either going to the part Kansai or Kanto (or it is Osaka and Tokyo. In case, you have no idea about Kansai and Kanto) we chose the Kansai or Osaka part since our parents have already been to Tokyo which we were totally fine with that (We just want to get to JAPAN! Don’t mind which part…)

Ok, it might not be just a ‘glimpse’… we have gone through so much literally right when we get to breathe in Japanese oxygen. This is how it goes,

We flew six hours from Donmuang International Airport and arrived at Kansai International Airport at around 10 p.m. (10 p.m. is when the plane landed. We were still standing on the plane) our first mission in Japan is that we had to go get the JR pass (Japan Railway pass) before 11 p.m. Note: we booked the pass online so that we can travel around easily (and received a lot of special promotion if you buy it as a traveling package) right in the next morning. Note: The pass is only given at the airport if you booked it online. Alright, we finally got out of the plane which took us almost fifteen minutes. Next? ah yes, it’s time for going through the custom. You guys know the system, it takes SO MUCH time (waiting in line) It took ages! It was about 10.40 when we finally got passed through the customs. Gosh! We then walked really quickly (was more like running) to the baggage claim and… here goes another rough moment, we couldn’t find our baby sister’s suitcase. We stood there watching the same suitcase going around and around (Dejavu is real). I don’t know how my sisters and my mom were feeling at the moment but I sure was freaking out. We got only about 15 minutes left before the JR pass office closed! And we don’t even know this place! We don’t even know where the office is!?

However, JR pass was, at the moment, more important, if we couldn’t get it tonight, we had to ride the train back here which take two hours from our place in which is in Umeda. (airbnb) And no one wants to waste our time in the next day. So we split up, my baby sis and older sis went together to get the pass and my mom and I wait for her suitcase. (Note: my dad had a business to deal with so he will follow on the third day) My sisters ran their ass off to the office while my mom and I was looking around at others’ suitcases in case they mistakenly took ours. And, not so surprise, a tour-group took ours. Aha, so we took ours back and then my mom and I both also ran our ass off to our sisters. When we got to the office, it was a heart-pounding moment, my sisters isn’t in the office yet!? Why? We were confused. She was standing in front of the office looking utterly worried. When she noticed us, she then told us she needed all of our passports to get the pass. Aha, deeply glad we ran our ass off to the office… So we made it, my sister got into the office at 10.50 p.m. 10 minutes before it’s closed…pheww!

2 3 4 24
My baby sister, Tong, and I. Rare item; I wasn’t wearing any make up in this pic hahh

After that? We rode the train to our place which took us about 2 hours so we arrived at Osaka station at around 1.00 a.m. Then we got lost in the station for almost 30 minutes. It was huge and it was hard finding the way out. (Glad we had a navigator and Internet)  Then we took a taxi to our place because we all each had one huge suitcase to take care of, moreover it was already really late at night.

When we got to the apartment, the owner has told us that he left our key inside the mailbox which is located in the room at the back of the apartment. The apartment has two doors for us to enter, the back and the front. Both of them were “locked” when we arrived. Which mean we couldn’t get in and couldn’t reach our key. AND guys, it was 2 a.m. We instantly called and message the owner and dearly hope he was awake.

Luck was on us, he was. But… he couldn’t totally speak and understand English. He didn’t understand and couldn’t understand why we cannot get the key so we had to use a translating chat English-Japanese in an application called Line, and also take the pictures of us couldn’t get inside the apartment and couldn’t open the door then send it to him. He finally understood us and said he’ll come help us. We were all tired and hoping he will arrive in a few minutes.

Then, 15 minutes later, one Japanese guy (not the owner) which I guessed he was just coming back from work, came in and opened the door for us.

That day we went to bed without taking any shower. We slept, deeply, for 4 hours and couldn’t wait for the next day to begin.

Oh, also, I utterly am in love with the 7-Eleven here in Japan! There are just so many different things to try. If I have to tell you one reason why I love Japan, 7-Eleven would definitely be one of them! These two things are what I first spent my money on. It’s breakfast for the next day. (Not mint though) ;P


Room tour, shall we?

6 7 9 8 25

These pictures below are around our place which I took on the next morning and also the last pic, a glimpse of tomorrow. Stay tune for the next day 😉

23 16 15 20 13 14 10 19 18 20 21 26

In this photo, where was I ? Stay tune 😉



Note: all photos are taken by me except the ones having me in it



















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  1. Awesome post! You really had a struggle getting to Japan ahahaha. But I know it is so worth it in the end. I would love to visit Japan one day. Actually, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and maybe even more are on my must-visit list!

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