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Amazing MYANMAR Day 4: Bar Tar Market

Day 4, we decided to get in touch with the locals so we all biked to the nearby market, Bar Tar Market. I think going to either the local market or supermarket is the best easiest way to learn about the people’s lifestyle and get in touch with the locals.

It’s our last day so we all take things really easy and chill. We walked around the market taking pictures and played with the local cats. hahaha.

***The pictures with radtour are taken by my mom’s friend. Others are all mine.

01-DSCF3346.JPG 2.jpg 3.jpg 6.jpg 10.jpg 7.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 15-DSCF3373.JPG 17.jpg 18.jpg

These are called Thanaka. It’s what Myanmar people especially the kids and women use to put on their faces.

19.jpg 20.jpg 27-DSCF6201.JPG 22.jpg 21.jpg 24.jpg

My mom bought her and my favorite flower home. I thought it would be impossible to take the flowers on the plane. Surprisingly, flowers are allowed!

My mom and her favorite flower

Myanmar was beautiful and amazing. It was being amazed of how Myanmar is completely different from what I have imagined. It was biking for the first time in the hot sun and hectic traffics. It was getting in touch with the locals. It was receiving genuine smiles from Myanmar people. It was enjoying Myanmar food and sweets. It was accepting and looking over the blemishes. It was learning Myanmar cultures. It was realizing how much I love learning about other cultures and getting immersed into the nature. It was knowing what I have been wanting for my life. It was taking things positively. It was enjoying everything that enters my life. It was knowing I’m not alone and that traveling with the fam is such a blessing.



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