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Amazing MYANMAR Day 3 Part 2

Here comes the second part of Day 3, no it doesn’t take me a month to update this and I’m tired of my own excuses which I bet you must be too(If you have been reading from the Day 1), however it is finally here. If you haven’t read the first two days and the first part of Day 3, here Day 1, here Day 2 part 1 , Day 2 part 2 and here Day 3 part 1.

So after lunch we walked to the Bogyoke Market. Bogyoke Aung San Market is the full name. Alright, let’s throw in some facts here. The market was firstly established as Scott Market during the time when Myanmar was still ruled by the British. But then when Myanmar became independent,  the market’s name was changed to Bogyoke in order to salute the General Bogyoke Aung San; father of lady Aung San Suu Kyi. In this market, you can find all kinds of souvenirs such as paintings, traditional style clothing, all kinds of handmade accessories, and handicrafts.


During the way we walked to the market, my mom spotted these strange looking nuts and she remembered her friend, uncle Maan saying these are his favorite snacks so we bought some and tried them out. Why not? right? I think they taste indifferently from almonds only they are softer. However, the smell is different which is hardly describe. It smells like roasted almonds and peanuts altogether.

18.jpg 19.jpg

Personally, the market was quite interesting in terms of how there are so many Thai people shopping and multi-nationalities people speaking Thai. I didn’t really like it to be honest. I don’t like feeling being in my own country while I’m actually not. I would love to have people speaking languages that are unknown to me especially when I’m in other countries. But it’s just a little thing. To take it positively, I can talk to them right away in my own language which makes the bargaining much easier.. hahahah nonetheless, I didn’t buy anything from the market.

We all then walked to Botataung Pagoda, one of the famous place for tourist, especially Buddhists. It is believed that there is the Buddha’s Sacred Hair Relic in the pagoda.

From the front of the pagoda, it looks very simple indeed, but it is just a veil.


Inside, all gold.

22.jpg 23.jpg

After we walked around inside the pagoda, I have a little story to tell. There was this little boy. He walked up to us and starred at us. Just starring and man, I was speechless. His eyes. His eyes sight had me stand still for how many minutes I don’t remember. I was stuck DEEP in his eyes. I lost myself. I lost it. I couldn’t remember for how long. I then had myself back again when my mom gave our left overs from lunch to him. I smiled wishing he would smile back. But he didn’t or show any expressions. He then walked to his mom who was sitting a few metres away from us. They looked at us once more and then eat the left overs. I knew they were homeless. I didn’t care what his purposes of coming to us were. All I thought of was his eyes. They weren’t trying to express anything at all. It was neither begging nor showing sadness or anything at all. I couldn’t tell. His eyes were not sad. Instead, they were empty. Empty. No feelings. Nothing. None.

And yea, I had his eyes stuck in my head for the whole evening..


After walking around the pagoda and taking heaps of photos, we then headed down to the end of the road from the pagoda. There’s a majestic pier inducing us to explore.

During our walk to the pier, I again spotted fruits and food stalls and yes I took pictures. Just like Thailand, street and food stall always are together. Except that in Myanmar I noticed most of the food stalls are either deep fried or pickled fruits.

25.jpg 28.jpg 27.jpg

It was about to get dark. I’d say the timing was perfect. We got to admire and indulge in the lovely sunset. We even bought some food for birds and oh guys, it was the best part of the evening. As I throw the food up in the air, all the birds unreluctantly spread their pretty white wings and quickly shove themselves at the food just as fast as the lightning.

29.jpg 30.jpg 32.jpg 31.jpg 33.jpg 35.jpg

After the sunset, we then were off to the last destination of Day 3. The highlight and a must-go of Myanma, Shwedagon Pagoda. It is the symbol of Myanmar and it is believed to be the most sacred Buddhist pagoda among Asians. All of the buildings or any structures in Myanmar are allowed to be higher than the pagoda. The pagoda was just inexplicably beautiful.

It was dark by the time we got there and all I wanted to do at the moment was to just pray and walk around the pagoda. So these two pictures, I took it from the blog of my mom’s friend, uncle Maan.

53-DSCF3338.JPG 57-DSCF6132.JPG

Stay tune for Day 4 😉

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