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Amazing MYANMAR Day 3 Part 1: Eat, Talk, Walk

Here comes the third day of my amazing Myanmar trip. Again, I have too many pictures I dearly love to share with you guys so I decided to split the third day into two parts. If you haven’t read the second day already, here’s Day 2 part 1 and part 2.

Uncle Maan and his friends all agreed on the same terms that they wanted us to experience the hectic Yangon city by walking. No bike, no taxi, no bus. Only Uncle Maan and one of his friends will be biking along us walking.

The actual reason for no bike is actually because of my mom. On the first day we rode the bike for the whole day and we happened to ride in the center of Yangon city which we were surrounded with a crazy traffic. She didn’t want any accident to occur which I understand her totally. She is my mom. So all of us agreed not to ride the bike to ease her stress and worries.

And I think it was a really good decision we made because experiencing a country by sitting in the car looking out the window or biking along can never compare to walking by slowly, looking around. Besides, walking through the crowd of Myanmar people is an experience you should never miss.

Also, walking gives me an opportunity to capture this flower shop, barber shop and sewing shop.

Our destination for a morning walk is to Kamaryut train station which is 900 meters away from our guest house.

4.jpg 5.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg

Also gave Uncle Maan an opportunity to pause and took photo for us sisters. (Side note: In the evening of Day 2, we picked my older sister, Title up at the airport)

Title, Tong, and me 😉

900 meters didn’t take us long or we didn’t feel like it did because our attention were all taken away by the shops, people, cars and everything but looking forward to arriving at the train station. Ahaha.

However, we got our butts there.


You can always have fruits in Myanmar.


We waited 4o minutes for our ride to downtown, Lanmadaw station, which is seven stations away from where we are.

When we arrived at the Lanmadaw station, it was about time for lunch. We walked from the train station to the BBQ Chicken restaurant which I had two bowls of salad and can’t remember how many pieces of vegetarian pizza I ate. bahaha


During the walk to the restaurant, it was absolutely the best walk ever. Here are what I capture on the way to the restaurant and you will understand why it was the best walk.

I don’t remember what these are called but it tasted good. It was fried tofu, thinly sliced cabbage and some kind of herb.
The finished look of this yummy thing. Tofu bag stuffed with cabbage, garlic, and chilies.

I really, truly am a person who enjoy seeing local produce, food and people. I just think it’s the sum of everything, culture, tradition, lifestyles.

13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg
We also have these in Thailand. I love it. It’s called “Khao Tan” ข้าวแตน. It’s rice crackers with a drizzle of sweet sticky syrup.

Our destination in part 2 is Bogyoke Market, Botataung Pagoda, and Shwedagon Pagoda.

Stay tune for the part 2 😉






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