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Amazing MYANMAR Day 2 Part 2: Fruits, Bliss, Smile

After walking around, basking in the hot screaming sun, taking heaps of photos, we were all just ready for a lunch break. We filled our energy at a local restaurant nearby Yele Paya,the Floating Pagoda. (If you haven’t read part 1 already, here PART 1)

Shoes and socks are not allowed in the Floating Pagoda so we took our shoes and socks off and left it with the people who take care of visitors’ shoes. While we were waiting for the boat to come pick us up, we killed the time by, of course, playing around with the camera taking pictures. When everyone else was enjoying posing for pictures, I noticed that there were quite numbers of carts selling fruits just like in Thailand except that most fruits carts in Myanmar are mostly seasoned and pickled fruits. Still, I like being in a place where it is convenient to get food, especially fruits. I’m not really into pickled fruits but better than no fruits at all.

Tan or Asian Palmyra palm
Oranges in the plastic bag and obviously are steamed by the hot sun
The Floating pagoda

This is what takes us to the Floating pagoda. I love it how people in Myanmar still wear traditional clothes. It’s just absolutely neat especially when you love learning about other countries’ cultures “visually” and “practically” which, here in Myanmar, it’s so genuine, so real.

21.jpg 25-DSCF3830-4.JPG 22.jpg 27.jpg

We prayed, walked around, rested, took pictures, fed the fish then we left. The pagoda was truly beautiful but the sun was too mean and oh man shouting at us, our energy were literally consumed by it and left us with no eagerness to really walk around. We did walk around but we pretty much spent time resting, looking at people passing by, and taking photos (of course). I enjoyed feeding the fish most though.

We left the Floating pagoda to the local market nearby for some photo-shoots. I definitely, LOVED it. I love seeing the local produce in other countries.

18.jpg 24.jpg 26.jpg 23.jpg 40-DSCF4309.JPG 24.jpg

This is me and is one of my favorite photos(of me) took in the market 😉


After the market, we took some rest and each of us enjoyed a glass of refreshing lemon tea.

Lemon tea with roti. (We didn’t eat the roti)

Then at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we had our energy fully filled so we kicked our afternoon off with BIKING. We rode from the floating pagoda to our destination of today, Kyauktan Township. Our guide, uncle Maan, led us into one village in Kyaunktan Township(I suspected it was… I’m sure it was in Kyauntan). We rode into a gigantic farm which, if it was without uncle Maan leading us into the farm, I wouldn’t be able to know this farm exists cause there were houses and trees hiding this beautiful golden majestic farm from us.

There were villagers sitting around, playing and chatting. Mostly were kids, there were  also some adults. Though it was only one or two adults.

The moment we entered the farm, they all turned their attention to us and that has become what they did the rest of their evening, watching us taking pictures with the bike in the farm…hahaha. The best part was how the number of kids added up gradually  while we spent our time there(when we first got there, there were only five or six kids) and by the time we left, there were more than ten kids surrounding us. I suspected there aren’t many travelers around. They were quite excited with us being there especially when we started talking and, surely, they won’t be able to understand us which I think it is the reason for why they were quite jazzed and paid more attention to us whenever we talked. Nevertheless, they smiled ALL THE TIME. They smiled and tried to communicate with us. One of the kids can speak Thai and he did say something in Thai but we couldn’t really figure out what he was trying to tell us.


We knew they were happy and they knew we were happy. We both smiled, genuinely, for each other.

31.jpg 33.jpg

Before we left the village, we bought all the kids some snacks. Oh man, the kids and their parents, they were all utterly happy. Every single kid in the village received the snacks from us and I must say, that is the best thing that I have done and the best feeling I have had so far in this year. Look at that! Their smile. Best gift I have received so far.


The power of giving, is greater than the joy of receiving. – Norbert Harms

Stay tune for Day 3 😉

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