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Amazing MYANMAR Day 2 Part 1: EAT&Enjoy

Here comes the second day of my amazing Myanmar trip. Oh and here’s the first day if you haven’t read it already. DAY1 . FIRST, I want to share some words which is about something that had me thought about in the past days. Basically it’s an update about my life. It is about how I spend my time lately. Regarding homework and stuff in my second year and the second semester of the university, it is NOTHING comparing to how it was in the first semester. I actually have much more free time but whenever I want to write or do my “to do lists”, there will always be something else getting in my way. And there has also been a LOT of “fudge it” moments in the past days. Well, some were good, some were sorta meh.

But, I have been reflecting upon the “F word plus it” moments, I think it is unexpectedly nice to have these moments in your life because every time I have these words resonated in my mind when deciding whether or not I shall do this or that, they all have left me with great unexpected experiences.

Before, I have always tried to avoid fudge it moments because I thought it would never treat me well when I decide to do things that I have conflicts originated in my mind. You know like when you think about doing something and there’s a voice opposing it in your mind. I hate it when I have this kind of voice. I just thought that the results of these fudge it moments would never be able to be as good as the well-thought ones. BUT hey hey, sometimes, food cooked correctly after every single words and numbers on the recipes could turn out tasting utterly suck too so whoaaa yes I have realized I have forgotten and yet also failed to remind myself that things can always shift off the track I have laid.

Now let’s get into the second day of the Myanmar trip. This Myanmar trip was one of the greatest results of “F word plus it” moments. Ahaha.

Taken by my mom’s friend, Uncle Maan


There are heaps of photos and beautiful moments in Day 2 that I dearly love to share with you guys so I have decided to separate it into two parts. This first part is pretty much of what I did in the morning which I would say I didn’t do much comparing to the second part or in the afternoon but it sure was really fun.

So, DAY 2 started off with a late wake-up call from my own alarm clock at about 8 o’clock. I thought I would be tired from riding the bike the whole day in the hot sun in DAY 1 but oh no it was the most refreshing wake-up and I’ve never felt this alive! (How can I not feel alive when all the parts around my butt were deadly sore and I could feel it even when I’m just standing stil hahahaha but I liked it (?) oh yes I do cause I have not had these kind of feelings for a LONG long time). Then, I kicked my morning off with some muesli, fresh fruits, yogurt and heaps more of bananas.

At about 10 o’clock we loaded our bikes on the bus then left the guest house. Our stop for today’s morning is Kyauktan Township. But before we are going to stop at Kyauktan Township, we decided to stop at the Kyaik Par Da Gyi Pagoda first for some photoshoots.

9.jpg 10.jpg

The Kyaik Par Da Gyi Pagoda is a temple located in the middle of the Par Da Gyi village. In the past, Kyaik Par Da Gyi Pagoda once was a palace which explains why in the area, there are a few simple looking buildings surrounding Buddhist monasteries.



In front of the temple, there are villagers selling produce and sweets which I believe not intentionally for travelers like us but for local people. Some produce I have never seen before, some we also have in Thailand but I was excited anyway. I’m always keen to see local produce and foods.

4.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg
Edible flowers
I call this Tan but officially it’s called Asian Palmyra palm. Edible and super yummy.

The most interesting exciting part was this yummy dessert which is quite similar to one of Thai desserts called “kanhom peak poon” (ขนมเปียกปูน). I have did some research and It is black coconut sweet pudding when translated into English. Well, pretty much a description of this yummy dessert. It is made of white non-glutinous rice flour, arum flour, coconut sugar, coconut juice, coconut meat, coconut milk, and something I absolutely have no idea how to call in English but google says it’s called lime water or Ca(OH)2. This one I had is a lot better than ones I used to have back home in Thailand. It’s fresh, a lot less sweet, not as sticky, and with a really sweet scent of coconut.

Myanmar version of Kanhom Peak Poon
12.jpg 13.jpg
The lady who sold Kanhom Peak Poon for us

We spent the morning just walking around, taking pictures, chatting, and just enjoying the moment and… also the dessert and banana.

I survived travelling as a vegetarian for the second time

Second part coming soon. Stay tune 😉

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