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What I Ate in the Last Summer (VEGAN)

In the previous summer, my mom and I cooked together a LOT and surely I have documented them all. I mean.. I photographed them all but there are a few that I actually jotted down the recipes. Ahahah. I have shared some of them to you all already which you can easily find them in the category “Home Cooking”. When I first started this blog, I did it because my professor said so.(It’s one of the assignments from the media class I’m taking) Oh man, million thanks to him. I’ve finally found something I actually like and never regret starting. I’ve never thought I could keep it up and have so much fun writing and sharing stories with people, strangers(?), whoever out there that’s reading, have been reading, I gotta say, THANK YOU SO MUCH.


When I first told my mom that I’m writing a food blog, she barely showed any interest. She acknowledged it and that’s it. BUT then holidays came, I went home. She literally summoned me every single time she cooks. She would drag me into the kitchen and say, “Today, we are going to cook this, this, this, okay? Go get camera!” and she would always make sure I took pictures of every cooking steps. Oh gosh I’m so grateful I have the coolest mom ever.

Lately, if you have been following, you would noticed I have been putting up my travelling journals(Myanmar trip coming soon), food diaries, and Some Thoughts posts. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to write a daily journal aka Dear Diary thing.  But.. I’ve never succeeded it and I have NO idea WHYYY. I would write for two or three days then stop. Some days are just ordinary days and I guess I’m just not motivated by that. I do LIKE writing but not writing of what I’m not motivated or interested in. Please tell me I’m not the only one here. Yup, so this is why I have put up posts other than just recipes. Oh man I would literally share you guys food recipes everyday if I could stay in the kitchen cooking daily but… life is not easy. Life is not always all about what you want.(Not saying life is cruel. Life is amazing. When you can’t have everything I think that’s what makes life beautiful and allures me to live my life)

NOW, here are what makes my LIFE amazing. FOOD.

Alright, food pictures below are what I ate during the last summer holidays at home (VEGAN) which some of them I have jotted down recipes, some I didn’t, for some reasons I don’t remember but I’m sure I had good reasons(excuses) for it.

“Spicy stir-fry eggplants”, the very first dish my mom cooked for me when I got home. There are garlic, eggplants, bird’s eye chilies, basil leaves, bean paste, soy sauce, and mushroom sauce.


“Stir-fry Moon flowers” Moon flowers are the YUMMIEST flowers on Earth. But they make you poop all day if you eat too much of it. They are some sort of medicinal plants that has this ability to make you poop. There are Moon flowers, garlic, soy sauce, mushroom sauce, and bird’s eye chilies.


Here comes my favorite. “Stir-fry papaya” This dish always reminds me the valuable time I spent with my grandma before she passed away. She had always cooked me this when I was a kid. It’s simply raw papaya, garlic, and soy sauce.

My dad holding the raw papaya for me

“Stir-fry string beans and tofu with red curry” This is MY DISH. Literally, everyone I cook this for would always like this. My host family likes this a LOT. My cousin loves it. I have cooked this for many people and it has made me confidently say this is MY SIGNATURE DISH. It’s string beans, firm tofu, red curry paste, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, and soy sauce.


I have jotted down the recipe for this one. It’s called “Gaeng Som” (แกงส้ม). It’s simply is sour and spicy soup with loads of your favorite veggies. I will share the recipe soon.


Just a picture of my plate full of YUMMY things. Riceberry mixed with jasmine rice, Gaeng Som, spicy stir-fry eggplants with fake meat(I think it’s made of soy beans).


I have already share you guys the recipe for this one. It’s “Thai northern style tomato chili paste” Click for the recipe.


The chili paste above, I ate it with steamed pumpkins and deep fried oyster mushrooms.


This is my most FAVORITE thing to eat ever when I’m home.This is called the amazing “Garlic chives dumplings” My mom used to buy me these all the time when I was a kid. I remember coming home from school getting utterly jazzed up by knowing there will be these delishhhiousss dumplings waiting for me to feast on in the kitchen. 


Who doesn’t like mushroom? Salted, soy sauce shiitake mushrooms are the best snacks ever.


This is “Thai banana flower salad” This is an amazing dish and that you should never miss this if you have a chance to come to Thailand or have banana flowers on hands. Here’s the recipe, click. 


Last but not least, what is your most favorite fruit? What a difficult question for vegetarians and vegans, right? Hahah. Well, mine are these gorgeous Jack fruits. I’m so blessed to have jack fruit trees in the back yard.


Fresh fruits are best 😉


For more food pictures, find me here on Instagram, CLICK. (Mostly breakfasts and easy dorm cooking foods. I’m still at the uni living in a small room with my sister)

Always, breakfast like a king.


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