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Glimpse of My Past Weeks: Myanmar, Fruits, Bliss

Yes, I have been away. There were so many things going on with me in the past days.. hm well, it’s actually been just a week I last updated. Hahah. I have a week full of exams coming up tomorrow but I want to keep this blog moving and I have promised myself to update and jazz things up on here for at least once a week.

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Alright, a little update. Two weeks ago, I was in Myanmar and did every possible things I have always dreamed of doing. I was biking from town to town, feeling the sweat on my face, letting the wind blow back my hair, enjoying and exploring the cultures, devouring heaps of vegetarian foods like a pig, basking in the sun, listening to the nature, sipping on tea, and randomly talking to sweetheart local people. It was such an amazing, beautiful trip. It was HECTIC. It was epic. It was incredible.


I have always knew what I like. I know I like learning, exploring cultures and especially in Asian countries but I have never thought I would LOVE it this much. I literally love everything about it.

Okay, I have been to a few Asian countries (China, India, Laos, Indonesia) and yes I have fell in love with everything. People, foods, languages, arts, anything, EVERYTHING. BUT as someone who is proudly to say that “I am a homebody”, being in the hot sun, ridding a bike in the middle of this crazy traffic, walking through a frantic group of strangers did not (which it should have when thinking about it right now), it never did bother me. DID NOT for a bit.



I’ve never had or thought that this mindset of “enjoying and feeling grateful” for “little” things in every each day in life would actually work with me. At the end of the trip, this mindset somehow came rushing into my mind and I was just whoa so… happy. I smiled and thought to myself, oh I really was happy, unapologetically happy.


I would say I have learned countless wonderful lessons on this trip. Trip review, more details and fun stuff about Myanmar? coming soon.


Stay tune 😉

Always, breakfast like a king.

Little note: Lately I have been indulging in these songs and they are just beautiful. So beautiful I have to share 🙂 Click to enjoy

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