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Food Diary: Eat, Love, Birthday

04.02.16 and 05.02.16 were the two of the most memorable days of my life.

To celebrate my birthday, my big sissy and I planned to eat out at a NICE, luxurious restaurant, eat all the VEGAN JUNK FOOD and feast on heaps of lovely desserts. We planned to eat until our stomach hurts. We planned to document possibly everything we do on that day, on the 8th, simply because it’s the only day we both would be totally free from the reality.

However, it was just a plan. On the 3rd, I got a call from my baby sis that she is in Bangkok with my dad. She asked if I could have a day with her and dad on the 4th. I was absolutely excited and couldn’t be happier. I truly wanted nothing more than to celebrate my birthday with my family. What could possibly be better than spending a whole day with the people that you love and genuinely love you for you, right? Yet, I was a little disappointed that my mom couldn’t come according to her work and stuff she has to deal with back home.

Still, I was annoyed by my own thoughts of how my big sissy won’t be able to give all her time for me on the 4th. I wanted everyone with me. Somehow, the luck was with me! Ahaa! all of her classes on that day happened to be canceled. The luck was really with me that day! Whoop whoop I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I am thankful for whatever made her classes canceled ;P

04.02.16 I woke up and was fully loaded with energy. I was inexplicably excited and ready to start the day! So, I started off with making myself some toasts, hopping into a shower, and spent an hour digging in my closet finding myself the right dress. You know, that moment, when it comes to a special day with your important loving people, all the right clothes seem to be all…MEHH… NAH. So yes, I literally spent an hour trying on clothes. And another hour doing my makeup.


Anyway, my big sissy and I then headed to our house downtown, met up with our dad and little sis there. Then we all headed to the mall together. During the ride, we would usually have the radio on and enjoy the music, instead we were just talking. Talked about everything. About anything, life, grades, school, future, food. The car was literally filled with laughs, giggles, and yes, BLISS. It was such an awesome feeling. I was smiling non-stop and before we knew it, we arrived at the mall. It felt as if the mall was only ten minutes away.

It was my privilege to choose the restaurant because it was my day and that I was the only vegetarian. Well, actually, my little sis is currently a vegetarian. She is thriving for one month. (I’m convincing her to keep it up but we will see about that) The restaurant I chose was ‘On the Table’, it was one of my favorites since I was a meat eater. They serve decent foods and desserts and that they also serve some great vegetarian dishes. The only thing I don’t like is their salad. The greens always come as big chunks, the whole leaf and I have to chop it up into bite-sized pieces with a spoon and fork. Arghh..

Me and my baby sister.

While we were waiting for our dishes to come, we were playing around with the camera, documenting the moments of my day, hysterically laughing and simply TALKING. And Ooo my, we were the loudest table in the restaurant. I didn’t realize that until I stopped talking and let my sisters do the talk. I like to find a moment when I’m with the family to pause everything and just look around. Observing that is. I looked, listened, to every sound, every action, every single persons, and I realized how happy and lucky I am to be here, at this magically beautiful moment with the people I love and just doing simple things together, eat, play, and love.

Avocado and strawberry salad
Sauteed mushrooms and potatoes
Cherry tomatoes and basil pizza
I had banana and strawberry smoothie
My big sister’s dish

5.02.16 was my birthday. It was turning 21. It was full of feelings. It was waking up to birthday wishes. It was getting a surprise BADASS red velvet CAKE with an awesome yellow candle from my loving wonderful uni friends. It was letting the wind blow the candle before I could. It was re-lighting the candle twice so I could make a wish. It was having dinner with lovely, warmhearted people I call FRIEDNS. It was getting stuffed with heaps of food and could barely move. It was talking to my American friends and family. It was receiving tons of wonderful messages from many long lost friends. It was calling mom at 8 p.m. asking her for nice wishes. It was getting three calls from high school friends at 9 p.m. and talking for 6 hours straight. It was reminiscing my 18th birthday with my best high school friends. It was going to bed smiling. It was cherishing every seconds of life. It was living. It was fulfilling. It was an incredible day. It was feeling utterly thankful for everything I have in my life. It was realizing that I am surrounded with many incredible, kind, warmhearted people. It was magical.

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