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Some Thoughts “Instagram”: Vegan Community, Choices of Vegan Lifestyle

I have to admit that I am truly, easily drawn towards arts, photographs, and possibly anything related to desserts, food and other possible edible things.

From my Instagram

Thanks to the social media for giving me numerous accessible ways to those countless beautiful photos of culinary arts taken by many talented people from every corners around the world. Instagram is one of those access that got me crazily addicted. I have been on Instagram for almost five years now and it never occurred to me how it can hugely, intensively influence people’s minds and thoughts. As we all know, media are such powerful tools. Pictures and texts have an ability to shape people’s perspectives and views of not merely the society that we live in but also about ourselves, about the way we conceptualize our own lifestyles, about how we should be and do to fit in with everyone else.

 Okay, before you are going to get me wrong, I’m not here to talk negatively about Instagram or trying to make you view at it negatively, no, no, no, I am certainly not. I love Instagram and I couldn’t live a day without scrolling through, getting lost into the pictures. With Instagram, I started off with basically posting my personal pictures aka whatever pictures about me, of myself. Surely, it was a private personal account and all the followers are, of course, families and friends. No strangers. Two years ago, I started to follow accounts other than just friends and families for my own pleasure. I followed those accounts posting pictures of foods daily. Then, I’m gradually immersed into the culinary art community and it has been absolutely incredible. However, I wasn’t giving much attention to their captions. I honestly have been just looking at their photos. I didn’t care much about the pictures’ owners thoughts. I was only interested in their work and captured by the beauty of their talent and creativity.

From my Instagram

However! In August last year, I started this blog which it does not only please my writing craving but also make me fallen in love with sharing people my food photos. One day, my sister told me to start another Instagram account to only post food photos and make it public. And I did.

Back in the last four months, I have decided to become a vegetarian for health reasons. Now, I am a vegetarian not merely for the health reason but for the environment, animals, our world, Oooo and more. (I will talk more about this someday) So, I started off the new account with entering foods and healthy-eating community then I came across the vegan community. On Instagram, people like me who are interested in foods or culinary art will definitely walk towards the food community. I’m a vegetarian therefore I’m drawn towards the vegan community. How did I find this wonderful community? Through tags.

As a vegetarian, I eat vegetarian stuff. Whatever vegan or vegetarian thing that come up, I would feast on it. That is because it is my lifestyle that I chose and for reasons I gave above. Each person who became vegan all have different reasons which could be recovering from eating disorder, gaining weight, losing weight, or simply just being on a diet. However, I have come across so many tags revolved around the vegan community such as veganfood, vegansofig, govegan, and veganism. These tags have introduced me many more TAGS of eating styles or types of diet of the vegan lifestyle. Those types of diets I have come across are HCLF, Rawtill4, and 80/10/10. Unfortunately, these types of vegan diet or plant-based diet are often misconceived by many people, especially and mostly are teenage girls who come across these Instagram accounts with gorgeous food photos and healthy fit body pictures would lead them to believe that eating this way, imitating this lifestyle will help them accomplish their ideal life and body.

From my Instagram

HCLF aka high carb low fat is eating huge amount of food that are high in carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, rice, potato, pasta, etc. Low amount of salt, oil or fat, and sugar.

Rawtill4 is eating HUGE amount of raw fruits and vegetables. It is basically consuming whole, unprocessed raw foods until 4 p.m.

80/10/10 is a diet where you get 80 percent from carbohydrates, 10 percent from fat and 10 percent from protein.

From my Instagram

A typical meal of HCLF, Rawtill4 and 80/10/10 diets is a smoothie made of 10 bananas. People with these diets tend to eat more than 3,000 calories per day. These diets are mostly, supposedly applied to those people trying to gain weight and recovering from eating disorder or anorexia. Most girls on Instagram that captivated my attention are mostly with these diets which they post many photos of their appealing healthy body, happy active lifestyle, HUGE pretty bowls of smoothies, ENORMOUS plates of fruits for dinner with inspiring captions and stories. (here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts with these diets. Here, here, here) Yes, having that kind of lifestyle of eating how much ever carbs you want and SO MUCH fruits daily but still containing a perfect body is an ideal lifestyle to a lot of girls. In the winter break, I have tried the diet HCLF and rawtill4 myself. I COULDN’T even make it through two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against or trying to attack anyone and I do respect everyone’s choice of lifestyle and diet. But, everybody is different. Everyone has different system, body and daily activities. HCLF and rawtill4 made me feel so restrictive, put me in an unhealthy relationship with foods and I was almost fallen into eating disorder. My brain was automatically restricted me what I have to be eating and how much I have to work out because of how much carbs I intake. Moreover, I was stunned to find out there are so many people out there who have tried these diets and resulted worse. Check their story out. Here and  here.  As a vegetarian, looking on the bright side, these Instagram accounts with astonishing pictures of this kind of lifestyle can intensively, effectively veganize these young girls and that it helps accomplishing the reasoning objectives behind becoming vegan; helping animals, the environment and the world. However, it could lead them to copying and being fixated on a certain action that is not optimal for their lives, body, environment, or even monetary status. Many girls are fixated on a certain diet of the vegan lifestyle. Many of them try to work one of those diets without being aware of how it might not work with their body like how wasn’t for me. The point I’m trying to make here is don’t be fool and unconsciously labeled what you see on the social media whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. And guys, being in the vegan community on Instagram or even YouTube is incredibly wonderful. So many inspiring warmhearted accounts with great photos and beautiful life stories. But, don’t get carried away and imitate other people. If you want to try, do it consciously. And if it works out with you then that’s awesome. Do it. Each diets work differently with each person. But remember, you don’t have to be healthy, happy, and having fit beautiful body with these diets. Just eat whatever you feel like and work out normally.

Trust me, the last thing you want is to have a restrictive and unhealthy relationship with food. 

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Always , breakfast like a king.

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