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My Kind of Simple Dish; Stir-Fry Chinese Chives

All my life, I have had stir-fry vegetables possibly for almost every meals and it never occurred to me that stir-fry vegetables can be unhealthy too unless you choose the right kind of oil. Thai stir-fry dishes can contain so much oil that some people find it too oily too eat. But, I don’t. Well—I grow up having stir-fry food. I have had stir-fry vegetables since I started remembering other people’s names. I believe stir-fry dishes are quite general and likely considered as typical cooking style in Asia. The only country outside of Asia that I have been in is the U.S. and I remember I hardly ever had stir-fry food except when I cook or eat out at Chinese restaurants.


Till this day, I still wonder which country started this stir-fry food. I mean, it’s so easy and so good. That country is truly genius coming up with this cooking style. However, I’m guessing it’s originally from China (a silly guess). I went to China to visit my Chinese sister a few years ago and we had stir-fry veggies almost every meals and they were all incredible. My great grandmother is Chinese and also is my grandfather. So, basically, I grow up with both Chinese and Thai food. Although, Thai and Chinese’s stir-fry veggies are cooked differently. Thai style adds less oil than Chinese style does. Thai style always stir fry with garlic and sometimes with chilies. Thai and Chinese style both use wok but Thai uses flippers while Chinese uses ladle. And, Chinese always add broth to the dish. I also find Chinese stir-fry dishes more oily. I like both styles though. To be honest, I don’t really feel the difference because we both use the same seasoning sauces; soy sauce, mushroom vegetarian sauce and fish sauce.

I use about four cloves of garlic.

I would like to call stir-fry veggies my kind of fast food. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s delicious. But, it won’t be delicious if your veggies aren’t fresh. My mom always make sure we have fresh veggies picked from our garden daily for both breakfast and lunch. I used to wanting to live in Bangkok but now I’m so glad my family chose to live in the countryside otherwise we won’t have any space for a garden. Fresh fruits and veggies are simply heaven on Earth and I believe everyone is with me on this.

Thai people, I’m confident to say that we all eat in a family style for every each meal. My mom has always taught me that each meal must have three dishes; stir-fry, soup or curry, and fried food or chili paste with fresh veggies. I’m so happy I am finally home because I miss family style dinning badly. Anyway, let’s get back to the stir-fry veggies! This stir-fry veggies dish I’m showing you is stir-fry Chinese chives. I used to hate Chinese chives because it smells like garlic mixed with onion and tastes dang sweet. I literally always find every possible ways or excuses to avoid eating them. I ended up having them anyway. My mom always makes sure her daughter has enough nutrition and ignores my excuses. I bet every moms do. Forcing you to eat all the food in the dish.


 Now, I love Chinese chives and I miss it so much. And, I love it for its sweetness and garlic mixed with onion smell. I can’t find it anywhere in Bangkok and when I find them, it usually is stir fried with pig’s liver. It is a typical stir-fry Chinese chives in Thailand that it is stir fried with pig’s liver. My mom used to cook it that way too but now that I’m a vegetarian, we don’t anymore.

This dish takes only about five minutes. I use sunflower seed oil but you can use any type you like. Stir the garlic with oil at medium heat until it gives a bit of golden brown color then add the bite-size chopped  Chinese chives and put it to high heat.


Keep stirring the Chinese chives and garlic and when the Chinese chives get a little softer, turn it to the lower heat then add soy sauce and mushroom sauce. My family is quite heavy on the soy sauce. I add about a full space of the flipper. So the measurement of soy sauce is better up to you.


When it’s about to finish, my mom came in and added chilies… I usually don’t add at the end but you can do that if the one asking for it is your mom. If you want to add chilies, add them together with the garlic at the very beginning.


If we have the stir-fry veggies for breakfast, we usually have it with soft-boiled rice. This is riceberry mixed with jasmine rice.


This is about two cups of rice. Boil it with clean water at high heat. The amount of water is more than how you usually cook rice. When the water starts to have these crazy bubbles, turn off the stove and put the lid on top for about five more minutes.


If you have a chance to try these Chinese chives out, I hope you will fall for its sweetness like me 🙂

Always, breakfast like a king.

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  1. It looks delicious! I really like stir-fry veggies too 🙂 I hope one day I will have a chance to try Chinese chives, they seem to be pretty tasty ^^ And I have to find somewhere jasmine rice and this riceberry. It has such a pretty colour!

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