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Food Diary: Deliciousness Overload

While I was in Colorado last summer, I was overwhelmed with loads of savory big dishes of foods. Actually, not only food but also desserts. I always get really excited to look through the menu and childishly ask my host family what they are.1.jpg

Being in a different country, my most favorite part is to explore their local food. Well—not only local. All kinds of food at all restaurants that my host family took me. I am actually excited at all places they took me but when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner I get ridiculously excited like little kids getting to play their new toys.

However, I’m exceptionally and personally thrilled with breakfasts. As you know by Breakfast like a king, I’m in love with breakfasts. I was also very happy to be with my host family again last summer because every single day before we do anything after we wake up, we have to get food. They see breakfast very important as much as I do. I still remember how my host mom and dad will fight, well not fight but a little debate, over which restaurant we should be having breakfast. Best moment ever. They always take me to great places. Though, there are times we have to grab fast food as we were mostly on the road.

So today, I’m showing you breakfasts, desserts and some of my favorite dish I had during my time in Colorado.

This is my very first breakfast I had in Colorado. I believe it was at the Ihop restaurant and I ordered a simple and fit vegetable omelette. It was so good. At first, I thought to myself, “This is so big. How am I going to finish all this?” Surprisingly, I finished it. It was egg whites with spinach, onions, swiss cheese, tomatoes,and mushrooms. And it also comes with a tiny bowl of mixed fresh fruits. I couldn’t be happier that day. A great breakfast will always make the rest of the day gorgeous.


French Toasts! Traditional breakfast. I believe this was what my sister ordered. I like to have eggs as breakfast with some vegetables and fruits if I can choose. If not, bread is always a comfort breakfast to have and French toasts are always on my mind. They are desserts in disguise.


Next restaurant, I believe it was the Village Inn. Their breakfast are very tricky. Huge dish and comes with pancakes. I was again thrilled to go through the menu.

Pancakes! This was a side dish that comes with the main dish you order. I had like a few bites. I’m so sad I didn’t finish it, on the other hand, I’m also glad I decided not to dig into it otherwise I would be overload with carbs.


These two dishes are what my sister and I had. To be honest, I can’t recall which one was mine. But, I remember that I had chili sauce and eggs and as you can see both of them have eggs and chili. However, they were really good. I love chili. I’ve never thought that chili would match perfectly with eggs and fit for breakfast.



What is better than having spinach quiche and pecan pie for breakfast, right? I literally cannot control myself having these pies. I am a fool falling for pies. I am in love with all kinds of pies but if you ask me which one I want most right now. I’d say PECAN PIE!



I easily lose control when I’m happy. These two candies aren’t available in Thailand so yeah–I don’t really regret having them. Not at the moment.


I remember having a whole dish of pizza to myself. The size was about two of my hands together. I believe I ordered a vegetarian one. It was really good. I remember that day was the 4th of July and the city was pretty crowded with people dressing up in colors of American flag. I was quite excited to see. It was new to me.


A glimpse of 4th of July. I was in Breckenridge, CO. I say it is the most beautiful town. You could see high mountain from anywhere you stand. It’s amazing how people all gathered around as they have an exhibition or like a party going on in the town. It’s even more amazing that people were all smiling to each other.






A little happy moment I’d like to share while I was there, this is me and my host brother’s daughter, Karlee. She is four years old. I first met her when she was born so in this photo, to her, it was her first time meeting me. She said hello and called me Aunt Tam in Thai as my host family has taught her and made sure that she would call me in Thai when I finally get to see her.

I wonder when will I get to see her again. Probably, she will be nine or ten years old by then.

Visit Colorado if you can, it’s where I call home. My second home 🙂


Here is a glimpse of Breckenridge, CO in case you want to visit Colorado or considering.



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